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Elevate’s 2022 Year-in-Review

As we wrap up an unprecedented year of growth for Elevate, our marketing team sat down to speak with our founder and CEO, Heather Francis, to learn what her key takeaways were from the year.

Q: It’s been a big year for Elevate! What are you most proud of looking back on these last 12 months?

A: Growth! Growth into our first facility, growth in our team, growth in our portfolio, and growth in our technology.

Q: Can you name a few milestones the company reached in 2022? 

A: We reached funding milestones, employee milestones, and my number of gray hairs is a milestone in itself (haha).

Q: Can you share a few of your hopes and plans for Elevate in 2023? 

A: I am hopeful for Elevate to continue its trajectory in funding while continuing to evolve our processes, our culture, our team, and our impact in the space.

Here’s to learning and growing together even more in 2023! Thank you for being part of such a big year for Elevate.