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Why Partner With Us?

We are one of the [exceedingly rare] true direct funders in the MCA space. That means we never shop out your deals, and you never have to worry about backdooring. We build real relationships with our referral partners. Your success is our success! 

Our company culture is built on honesty, transparency, and a customer-first mentality; therefore, we do not make use of unethical practices like Confessions of Judgment, personal guarantees, UCCs, or excessive fee structures. 

1st Position Only

We do not allow or condone stacking, which is the act of piling multiple MCAs on top of each other within the same period of time, resulting in large payments and financial stress. The last thing we want is to burden your merchants — this is our way of setting them up for success.


Our approach is data-driven, systematic, and informed. We are not just flying by the seat of our pants – we’re in it for the long haul. We have a long-term strategy and the drive to revolutionize the MCA industry and its impact on small businesses.

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More Key Benefits:

Check Out Our

Direct Funder Comparison Report

Our team recently compiled data from dozens of direct funders in the MCA space. From this data, we published our Direct Funder Comparison ReportHere’s a link to the report, if you’d like to download it. It’s also summarized below.

Elevate Funding


Funding Fees

$350 fixed for ACH and Lockbox on deals $6k and over; $0 for split with approved split partners

7% to 8% of funding amount; $750+ fixed fees

Credit Requirements

We do not pull credit (soft or hard); No minimum credit score

Soft credit pulls; Minimum credit score of 500

TIB Requirements

3 months

9-12 months

Factor Rates

Sell Rates: we fix our factor rate on the repayment amount rather than the funding amount

Buy Rates: 1.30 - 1.49


7% to 10% of payback amount; no upselling; tiered commission structure

9-12 points on funding amount; upselling allowed

Renewal Commission

Pay renewal commission on the full repayment amount before paying off existing balance

Pay renewal commission on the net funding amount after repayment of existing balance

Add-On Programs

Yes; up to 30% of the original funding amount after three weeks of consecutive payments


Underwriter Access