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Become a Certified Small Business Finance Professional at Broker Fair 2021

This article was originally published on BrokerFair.org

The opportunity to become a certified Small Business Finance Professional is now automatically packaged into a Broker Fair 2021 ticket. This applies to whether you purchased a ticket previously or purchase one leading up to the event. Broker Fair is on December 6th in New York City.

According to the SBFA, the organization behind the certification, “The Certified Small Business Finance Professional (CSBFP) program will bring education and accountability to all providers of alternative finance products. The certification will require applicants complete a four-section training course, abide by industry best practices, provide industry references, pass an exam and be subject to a background check. The certification will also require applicants to complete continuing education classes every two years.”

The certification, which normally costs $499, is valid for 2 years. Broker Fair attendees can attend the course on the day of the event and obtain the certification FREE as part of their ticket.