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We Love to Say Yes; That’s Why We Say No to These 3 Things

We know it can be hard to obtain funding for your business. There’s a ton of red tape, numerous hoops to jump through, weeks or months of back-and-forth with the bank. It’s a lot… especially if you’ve had financial difficulties in the past.

Tired of being put through the wringer?

At Elevate Funding, we aim to say yes to business owners regardless of past financial troubles. We love to help small companies get back on their feet and tackle their big ideas.

Because we love to say yes, we say no to these 3 things:

1. NO credit checks*. We conduct our background checks and evaluate your business without ever having to run your credit. Ever. No matter the funding amount.

2. NO outrageous fees. Unlike many financial institutions, we do not believe in charging excessive fees, and we will never adjust your offer just to increase our profit. With each working capital offer, we provide an information sheet that outlines exactly what you’re paying for and what fees are being charged. The dollar amount we offer is what you’ll receive – no surprises. Find more info in this post.

3. NO collateral. We will never lay claim to your assets. We do not want to take any of your hard-earned money, possessions, or property. We pride ourselves on our ethical practices, and we are NOT in the business of harming or impeding our clients.

Our aim is to help fund the companies that make America’s small business landscape so interesting, valuable, and diverse. We believe past issues shouldn’t be held against you, and we want to make your funding experience as seamless and pleasant as possible.

“MCAs are very forgiving– no credit, bad credit, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, foreclosure, criminal charges,” says Reynold Jackson, our Senior Underwriting Manager. Click this link if you’d like to read more information and advice from other leaders in the MCA space.

If you need funding and wish to speak to someone now, please call us at 888-382-3945 or click here to send us an inquiry. One of our teammates will get back to you as soon as they are available.

*for standard MCA product


Revenue-Based Finance is formerly and alternatively known as Merchant Cash Advance, or MCA.